'The Fall of Binary Symbolism'


Jorge made a quick lunch and began studying the maps of Restwick that he had bought at the local NaGas station. He identified the location of the node that he was looking for. According to the geographical figures it appeared to be located inside an old public library on Hilton Street. He decided to investigate the old library and see if he could locate the exact position of the node.

The building was an old schoolhouse that had been converted into a library before the Vacillation of 2002. There were thousands of books based upon old binary computer technology. Jorge was fascinated with this era in computer development - Why did technology stagnate in the 90’s? He remembered the stories of the Trinary Paradigm White Papers of 1998 - and of the Intercal jokes from the 70’s. When the Trinary White Papers were released, there was no interest. AI was not even a serious technology until the Non-Success of 2008. An old man approached Jorge from behind. He was the librarian of the establishment.

"Can I help you with something young man?", gnarled the librarian. He was holding a book titled "The Fall of Binary Symbolism". Jorge was intrigued and asked him about the book he was holding. The old man began speaking with conviction - "I was there. I know what it was like. The confusion... The ridicule... ". He went on to tell history as he remembered it:

Back in the late 90’s it became apparent that the computer systems of that day were in crisis. Years of modifying old code and shoestring designs led to a web of tangled garbage that would not survive the new millennium. Some companies promised solutions to the problem but the paradigm in that day was that technology was fabricated out of the needs of business. And business did not see a need to solve this problem since it was not considered a business problem. Technologists were known to warn the business community about the impending doom but were not considered "knowledgeable" about such "business oriented topics". There was such a segregation between technologists in those days that they were known by two distinct categories - Information Systems Technologists and Business Systems Technologists.

In 1998, a young man, Robert Cummings, had a vision based upon a language he had seen developed in the early 70’s. This language was Intercal and its descendant Tri-Intercal. It was based upon a trinary mathematical system as opposed to the standard binary-based systems of the day. In his white paper, he had proposed developing a trinary-processor computer system that naturally implemented fuzzy logic and neural-network functionality. It was considered nothing more than fiction and remained on the Internet floating from site to site.

The new millennium came and brought chaos with it. Most computer systems began failing miserably. Home Mortgages, Banks, Investment Brokers, Credit Institutions, were just some of the few industries that began losing billions of dollars. An uneasement fell upon the land which was known as the Vacillation of 2002. Businesses began using calculators and hiring staff to make up for the systems that were not functioning properly. Society was moving backwards. There was a sharp demand for accountants, mathematicians, and general labor professionals. Some saw this as a positive move towards a better balanced society - one without the technology-laden systems that had been changing the world over the past half-century.

Many computer companies began to fail. Bill Gates, in collaboration with founders of large institutions like Apple, Intel, Borland, IBM and Hewlett-Packard developed a solution to these system failures. It would involve implementing an ISO9000 Year 2000 compliance engine to be placed in every microprocessor developed from that day forward as well as external engines to interface with undocumented features built into the processors. This plan would eliminate the problems of those day's systems by acting as a "bridge" between the actual data being processed and the needs of the user. At the processor level it was believed that this "bridging" would not impact speeds since the processors themselves would be increased to speeds of about 400 to 500mhz. This plan was broadcast worldwide and became known as the Contrivance of 2005.

Unfortunately, this plan did not work, Bugs in the processors, incorrect bridging, and arguments on what compaines class library to use brought the systems to their final demise in 2008. Businesses who began re-investing money back into the computer industry had again lost large amounts of money. Bill Gates, recognizing the losses had no other recourse but to sell his collapsing empire and retire off of the coast of Panama. His company in Redmond became a training center for computer professionals seeking training in accounting and methane waste management. This last demise was known as the Non-Success of 2008.

Out of this demise came a new dawn. The young man who had written the white paper on trinary logic had developed his first trinary computer. The Dytrax 1000. This machine reveled both the computer and business industries altogether. Utilizing this new paradigm, a new technology was founded which changed the computer and business worlds completely. A uniting of these two industries into one technology brought changes that surpassed any work that had been developed over the past decade. This young man went on to form the Computer Design Group which became the sole world-based technology firm in the nation and abroad.

The old man was tired. The excitement from his speech had worn him down. Jorge appreciated the history lesson, thanked the old man, and continued his journey through the library. After a couple of hours it became clear that the node was not in plain site. Jorge took out an old frequency detector that he had built just in case of problems. He set the unit to detect packet bursts between 4 to 20gb and placed the unit in his pocket. After about 10 minutes he felt a light buzzing in his pocket. He slowly walked in the direction that made the unit buzz stronger. It was in the basement. He would need to come back and finish the job but at least he knew where to start looking.

Jorge arrived back at the lodge just in time to wash up and get ready for his night on the town. He had transferred a large some of credits to the lodge and had a temporary Debit Card made up for him. He was ready to see the sights of New York City. He thought of his brother Jooge and how he would have liked to see New York as well. He would do this for both of them. He also thought of his mother - would she be in town singing? He would make sure to check the Sheraton Inn Lounges in the area just in case. There was a knock at the door. It was the woman from the breakfast bar. Jorge had forgot to ask for her name this morning. He invited her in to freshen up before they left for the big city.

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